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So, whilst we’ve sort of got used to Social Distancing, working within the guidelines can still be challenging, so here’s what we at Pronto Plumber are doing as we work for you. 
Under no circumstances will myself or any of my team come to you if we suspect to have ANY symptoms of the Covid-19 virus. We would expect you to advise us if your household have any symptoms so we can make necessary arrangements in advance 
Social distancing – as we know it to be, keeping a minimum of 2 metres apart, where this isn’t possible, close distancing should be kept to a minimum time and consideration as to whether PPE should be worn by the customer. Don’t worry about holding doors open, or making us drinks, or lunch (some customer do!) 
We will advise of the areas we need to have access to you so that you can decide how to best keep your distance 
We regularly wear gloves for work for our own safety and cleanliness, by continuing to do so will minimise any chance of cross contamination, keeping us all safe 
Facemasks- if we need to be in close quarters with you, we will continue to wear them to protect us all, we would ask you to do the same 
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